Our Clients Include



New Clear Ideas is a collective of creative minded individuals, who consult some of the biggest movies, brands and individuals on their marketing and PR needs. Our philosophy is pretty simple to ensure that every part of their communication strategy and design sparks a reaction.

The team working at New Clear Ideas is from a wide range of advertising and research backgrounds. Having marketed over 174 movies in India, spanning over the biggest Bollywood names from Dev.D to Delhi Belly to promoting Hollywood movies as big as Avatar and Titanic, the New Clear team possess experience like no other single existing agency today.

NCI’s work on the brands front extends to the research and communication of branding ideas from consumer goods; such as Milton to the tyre brand CEAT. When it comes down to packaging products to delivering a message in 30 seconds or 140 characters, NCI’s ideas deliver impactful reactions through their devised statements.

NCI’s work with individuals, who are stalwarts of their field, involves consulting those from stardom to industrialists to media barons alike. Our aim is to assist them in maintaining their target image and propelling them to go the extra mile on their journey in the media market.

New Clear Ideas provides an all-encompassing set of services that includes market research, campaign strategy, creative support, technology solutions, events, artist management and PR. It’s pretty much a guarantee that if you are in the Entertainment Business, Brand Marketing or PR field, you would have worked with someone from NCI before.