SULA Sessions

A live music property conceptualized and curated by New Clear Ideas. The venue gives us a dead night in the week in this case being Thursday. The challenge is to up the billing to match a Friday or Saturday by drawing in a large number of guests.

We do this by curating music artists from various stages and cities at Café Zoe. These range across genres like Jazz, RnB, Funk, Soul, Blues, Alternative Rock and World music. No band performance is repeated. Hence different experiences every week slowly builds up a loyal audience who make it their Thursday thing.

Curated by Ryan Sadri who has over ten years experience as a performing artist, The Live Sessions are a platform for high quality live music featuring some of the leading artists in the country.

Some of the big names in the Indian music industry have taken to the stage at our Live Sessions, such as Louiz Banks, Gino Banks, Loy Mendonca, Sanjay Divecha and Vasundhara Vee to name a few. Doesn’t mean we don’t feature new and upcoming artists as well. Tejas Menon, Rynosax, Madfingers, Clayton Hogermeer are some of the most talented new-age musicians in the world who have graced the stage a Café Zoe. The selection of artists is purely based on the quality of music they can perform.

This entire activity has lead to a collection of music lovers flocking to Café Zoe every Thursday night to kick back and enjoy some quality tunes every Thursday.

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