Ask most people what they feel about a brand and they can get pretty descriptive. This is the result of years of “Branding”, where at every interaction with a brand, a consumer has felt neutral, negative or outright euphoric. These emotions were triggered through their visual, auditory and cognitive senses at every touchpoint from the glossy cover of a catalogue or the tone of voice over in a TV commercial. It is at this microscopic level of detail that we excel at differentiating our clients from their competitors.


Everything today is or is going digital. With the advent of technologies like 3D printing, virtual reality, e-commerce and such, the boundaries of pushing interaction and engagement beyond Web and Social media platforms is not an option but a necessity. Clients who believe in taking this leap are looked upon to be pioneers in experimentation and end up being trend setters.


In an overcrowded market of PR professionals who go about getting their clients coverage in a standard format, we weave in ideas that stand out and hence tend to get noticed and covered in an extra ordinary fashion, apart from the hygiene. An idea is just an idea until executed correctly. Deployment of such ideas apart from coming up with them is a skill we pride ourselves in.


Buzz, ROI, listening tools, Reach all words which are loosely thrown around while presenting campaigns. Many a time clients are not sure what the target image should be or are confused while picking mediums. Research is an integral part of everything we do at NCI. From perception mapping to which mediums to invest in, to listening and reporting online chatter. We believe research facts are key to balancing creative ideas and are married extensively to each other. Mapping of campaigns especially digitally should be an on-going process during the period of the campaign. Using this information one can alter a campaign and methods midway to achieve the maximum bang for the buck.



Below the line advertising in the form of events is a great way to engage with audiences. In a market like India where we still like to try before we buy, below the line stalls and events do bear results. Apart from specific client events like press-cons and engagement activities we also have our own music events which are sponsored by venues and hospitality brands.

Artiste Management

Our love for culture is huge. We manage some talented artistes in the Fashion and music space. From Jazz, Funk, Soul to RnB and Groovy. It’s all in the bag with these talented cats who can make anyone dance to their tunes: Rynosax, Madfinger5, 3Stylers, Vinay Kaushal. The Biggest names in Bollywood are dressed by Kunal Rawal